Get familiar with with modern Finnish design and handicrafts

Explore design and handicraft boutiques in Jyväskylä

Jyväskylä, Finland
Available in Finnish, English and French
2 hours
6 spots per experience

What are we going to do

We meet in the center or for example in your hotel.

I take you to small boutiques and shops in the center area and beyond. If we are lucky we might even have the possibility to visit some pop-up stores depending on the day / week / season.

In the shop we find some nice modern Finnish brands of clothes, jewelries, bags and other accessories. In some shops we even find home decoration.

And not only the shops; in some of the boutiques, you get to have a chat with the local owner or employee that tells you something about their way of working. A nice way to meet and greet also other locals than the guide!

About Johanna Maasola - the Doer

Why this experience? Because I think supporting locals and small entrepreneurs is the thing. Also abroad I try to find the shops that sell locally designed or even produced brands.
I also love modern Finnish style when it comes to clothing and home decoration.

And the people behind the boutiques are lovely! They share the same passion and make me proud of what we have here in our country!

Upcoming events

6 spots available · Book for private group from 60€
Language: Finnish

6 spots available · Book for private group from 60€
Language: Finnish

6 spots available · Book for private group from 60€
Language: Finnish


You might want to wear flat shoes as we walk quite a lot. Also be prepared for rain or snow in winter.

In winter season some kind of a hat is needed + gloves and a scarf. In summer the weather can be anything between +10 to + 30 C... In winter from 0C to -25C...


Johanna is an excellent professional who loves her job and knows very well the modern Finnish brands. She is also a very kind and funny person. We spent nice moments discovering a Desigmarket in Jyväskylä, an interesting store and webshop for Finnish design brands. Even, she has been my stylist for a moment. I met Johanna some years ago and I've discovered the most interesting corners of Jyväskylä, we visit design and craft shops and we've known the work of some Finnish designers and craftsmen. On my next trip, I hope to see new places and projects with Johanna as a guide.
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