Daytrip with a photographer

Daytrip to local destinations with a photographer!

Jyväskylä, Finland
Available in Finnish and English
2 hours
10 spots per experience

What are we going to do

A trip to almost any local sight or destination with a professional photographer. Point of the trip is to enjoy the sights or nature with friends or family, while the photographer documents the day for you!

The end result is photographed story of your visit to destination of your choosing, along with the memories you get a book of the photos we took along the way.

Best enjoyed with group of friends or with family!

About Salakuva - the Doer

I am a professional photographer from Jyväskylä, i mostly do portraits and documentary photography. And this activity goes nicely into both categories. I really enjoy nature and outdoors, and have a few places in mind in case you feel like you need tips with the destination :)

What i enjoy most about photographing people, is the subtle nuances that i get to capture along with candid portraits and shots with feeling and story to them.


Clothes to fit the weather and good spirits!

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