Organic farm day

Experience life of a small farm

Juuka, Finland
Available in Finnish, English, Swedish and Italian
1 hour 30 minutes
8 spots per experience
June - September
Regular price: 28 €
Children: 14 €

What are we going to do

This activity offers a great opportunity to get first-hand experience on organic small-scale farming practices and rural life in Eastern Finland. Organic strawberries and some other products are available for picking and tasting during harvest season. Guidance is available at request for self picking wild herbs, flowers and berries on the farm premises. The offered activities vary by season, weather and your preferences. If you enjoy physical challenges, here is your chance to experience a demanding one! Or you can choose to take it easy and just relax and enjoy the atmosphere.

Small refreshments will be offered as part of the activity.

About Heidi - the Doer

I have been born and raised on this farm which has belonged to our family for some 170 years. After decades of traveling and working in various locations, I wanted to start organic farming and revive the homestead already closed a few years ago. I feel I am at the beginning of a long learning journey: farming is a very versatile and challenging profession/hobby. I wish to share my experiences and provide visitors a chance to see and experience the production of food on a small farm, methods of organic farming, and genuine rural life, just as it is.


You should dress according to weather because this is primarily an outdoor activity. We recommend light long-sleeved clothing, a hat, outdoor shoes, and sunscreen. A personal carry-on water bottle is a must if the weather is very hot.
Activity-specific information about recommended equipment will be made available after reservation.
Please consult us before coming, if you have severe allergies for example to pollen, certain foods, or bees.

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