Suonteen soitto Concert: Pauanne

Suonteen soitto -summer concert at unique concert venue

Joutsa, Finland
Available in Finnish and English
2 hours
110 spots per experience

What are we going to do

Suonteen soitto summer concerts take place in a unique venue, "Jäähuone" (iceroom) in an old rocky cow house in Joutsa, in the middle of the beautiful Finnish lakeland.

The second concert 2023 will take place on Thursday 6.7. at 19 with the band Pauanne.

"Pagan spirits still slumber in the depths of the Finnish forests and Pauanne have set out to awaken them. The trio's archive research has unearthed a wealth of songs from the long-lost, non-Christian tradition of Finnish folk music; stories of spells and curses, the dreams of a shepherd, 17th century witch hunts and magical iron fences that repel invaders. Violinist Kukka Lehto and Tero Pennanen on Hammond organ and other keyboards, collect, arrange and further compose the repertoire while percussionist Janne Haavisto provides the rhythmic enhancement."

Suonteen Soitto summer concerts 2023:

Martti Servo & Napander / Friday 16.6. at 19
Pauanne / Thursday 6.7. at 19
Eläkeläiset / Friday 21.7. at 19
Anna Murtola: La tierra blanca / Saturday 5.8. at 19
Syyslaulu - Meijerinliiteri Ensemble / Saturday 26.8. at 19

Tickets: 22 euro

About Suonteen soitto - the Doer

Café Meijerinliiteri is not only a coffee shop, but also an interesting location in which to spend time and to see Finnish history and traditions. The Kokko homestead was founded at this very location centuries ago, and the recent owners, Juhani and Maija, have turned the residence into a place where everyone can enjoy the beauty of the Finnish country life.

In addition to sipping a coffee under the birch, one can visit the art gallery ”Galleria Jäähuone”, explore our second hand dress shop or buy Finnish design from local Design Pylsy summer pop up store. During the summer season we organize "Suonteen soitto" concerts at our unique venue ”Jäähuone” (Iceroom).




Upeaa, mahtavassa tilassa. Iso nautinto 👍


Nauratti ja laulatti! Oli ihan huikea keikka.


Aivan mahtava keikka ja ihana tunnelma! Lämmin kiitos Pauanne & Café Meijerinliiteri!


Live on aina niin paljon enemmän.


Kaiken ei tarvitse olla suureellista ja isoja yleisöjä haalivia tapahtumia. Pieni, intiimi tila ja tilaan erinomaisesti valittu yhtye ovat niitä asioita, joita voi muistella lämmöllä marraskuun loskakelissä. Iso kiitos❣️