Outdoor Karelia Finland

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Joensuu, Finland
Available in Finnish and English
10 hours
184 spots per experience

What are we going to do

Outdoor Karelia Finland is a valuable guide for travellers to North Karelia as well as businesses and organisations that seek new international contacts or are keen to maintain existing ones.

The guide book presents eastern Finland, its nature, its culture, its history – not forgetting shopping opportunities. Furthermore, it contains some general information about Finland.

For nature travellers, the best places and routes for hiking, cycling, canoeing and cross-country skiing are presented, among other activities.

Disclaimer NOTE! This guide is published 2004.
Most of the routes described are maintained. Those who use these routes assume the risk of doing so.
It is recommended that before your trip you check the current conditions (e.g., in spring whether the manual ferries are available) with the maintainer of the route (such as the local authority, tourist information office, Metsähallitus, VisitKarelia, etc.)

Katri Vuorjoki and Pekka Virtamo:
Outdoor Karelia Finland
PK Media Service Oy 2005
188 pages. ISBN 952-99620-0-2

I will send you the copy by post or you can pick it from Joensuu. Please ask info@pkmedia.fi.

About Katri - the Doer

In the early 2000s I walked, cycled and canoed in North Karelia for a living. That was to collect material for the popular outdoor guides Outdoor Karelia Finland and Koli Guide and the portal www.vaellus.info. They bear witness to a strong interest in the nature.
This interest has not faded.
Most of the routes described in the publications still exist and are available for those keen on invigorating activities in unspoilt nature! Also new routes have been added - but more on this later...


A growing number of researchers believe that nature-based activity and spending time in nature has many benefits in terms of health and well-being.
Plan your visit in nature, stay well and follow the instructions.


Instructions for outdoor activities, also outside national parks, in

North Karelia outdoor info

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