Exploring Murals and Artworks by Bike - Guided Tour

Explore murals and Artworks

Joensuu, Finland
Available in Finnish and English
2 hours
15 spots per experience
April - October

What are we going to do

What exactly is a mural? Joensuu is a promised city of artworks and cycling, with an extensive cycling network throughout the city. Marked bike routes ensure easy access to various murals in both the city center, Penttilänranta, and Linnunlahti. A safe tour guided by local tourist guides allows you to enjoy the beauty of art and the joy of physical activity. Just join in!

Own bike and helmet.

About Joensuun Matkailuoppaat - the Doer

Joensuu Guides know the city and its stories, history and personalities. Did you know that Joensuu was the center of international trade in Finland in the 19th century, merchant ships went all the way to St. Petersburg and the Mediterranean Sea. The trade made Joensuu a lively and modern city of culture and education. There are many stories along the way.


own Bicycle and helmet




Oli hienoa, kun rakennuksista kerrottiin niissä asuneiden porvareiden kannalta.
Marja Riitta

Marja Riitta

Kaiken kaikkiaan todella hyvä idea tällainen ruokakierros. Maittavaa ruokaa ja juomaa kivoissa paikoissa. Asiantunteva opas kertoi mukavasti paikan historiasta. Ruokapaikkojen omistajat pääsivät myös ääneen sopivasti. Tykkäsin kovasti.

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