Combination of Tibetan Buddhist Meditation and Karelian Natu

Joensuu, Finland
Available in Finnish, English and Danish
8 hours
30 spots per experience

What are we going to do

This retreat day combines the Tibetan Buddhist practice with the power of the North Karelian nature. The purpose of this retreat day is to offer an introduction to Tibetan Buddhist meditation and mantra singing practice. The further purpose of practicing is to develop our compassion and to awaken into our natural sense of being. We will rest grounded in our bodies, and allow the mind to relax in the natural silence, supported by the strong North Karelian nature.

The group can choose from two practices for this day: We will practice either the Tara Buddha practice, which is for the enlightened female principle of Buddha. The practice will support for example our connection to the feminine principle in life, or can support our relationship to the Great Mother.

The other option to offer the practice to Chen-Rezig, the Buddha of Compassion. This practice will connect to the wisdom of our hearts and heal the world with compassion. In this practice, we will sing the most popular mantra of the Tibetan Buddhist practice: Om Mani Padme Hum.
Earlier experience is not needed for this practice, just an openness to learn more about Tibetan Buddhist philosophy and practice.

Example of a program:
10.00 Introduction to the day and opening meditation. Introduction to our Buddhist practice for today.
12.00 Lunch break
13.00 Guided tour in local nature: Finding the natural power places and connecting with nature.
15.00 Coffee / tea break
16.00 Continuing with the Buddhist practice.
17.30 Closing of the retreat and final circle
18.00 Dinner break
20.00 Sauna

About Karhun Talo / House of the Bear - the Doer

As the retreat guide serves Helena Karhu, M.Soc.Sc. (with advanced studies in Tourism Science), a North-Karelian shamanic practitioner, culture producer and artist, meditation teacher, and a mother of 9-year-old twins. Helena’s life project is Karhun Talo (House of the Bear), which aims to promote self-awareness through folklore cultures and wisdom traditions. She is born in Joensuu, North Karelia, Finland, and both of her parental lineages have deep roots in North Karelian soil. For the travelers, she wishes to show the beauty and wisdom of her ancestral land and culture, and to invite to rest in nature.

Helena is currently writing a Ph.D. research on Cultural Anthropology on the female Nordic shamans at the University of Eastern Finland. She is a chairwoman of a local association called Pielisen Tietäjäkeskus ry., which aims to promote, strengthen, and live the ancestral wisdom traditions of North Karelia. Helena has about 15 years of experience of meditation and mindfulness practices, and she has guided meditation for groups about 10 years.

Helena has vast international experience, as her international career took her to live over 13 years in Denmark. Besides her long-time residence in Copenhagen, her world journeys have taken her across the Northern and Arctic regions in her quest for life. She has lived in Greenland and in Fairbanks, Alaska. Helena’s passion is to bring forth the light-increasing, co-operative, and empowering aspects of the ancestral practice, where everyone can rest as they are, yet have freedom to become who they are. Helena is known for her inspiring and positive guidance, where simplicity and naturalness of life are the key focus.

“I hope that our retreat time together will bring you closer to the essence of this land, the beauty and balancing strength of North Karelia. The purpose of the retreat is that the effects and practices can be integrated to your home environment and everyday life.
Getting to know the natural power places of this land, you might recognize more of them at your home environment as well. The natural well-being is available to us, where ever we are.” Helena


The retreats are suitable for everybody. The program can be adjusted according to the needs of the each group and individuals.

The guidance languages available are English, Danish, and Finnish.

The day programs can be ordered to any destination within North Karelia. If you need assistance in finding a suitable retreat location, please send a request. We are happy to coordinate and help in finding the most suitable location for your group.

It is possible to make a retreat with additional days. The retreat can be as many days as possible for your group.




Aivan uskomattoman hieno tilaisuus ❤️ En ollut koskaan rummuttanut porukassa, mutta täällä tunnelma vei heti mennessään ja vanhan salin tila oli paikkana täydellinen. Villa Oraksen upea miljöö, ihanat vetäjät ja mikä tietämys 🙏

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