Outdoor picnic with local delicacies

Enjoy a picnic package ready to go!

Imatra, Finland
Available in Finnish and English
1 hour
6 spots per experience
May - August

What are we going to do

Rimpsu picnic package is designed for enjoying a lovely day in Imatra with your loved ones.

Rimpsu picnic includes local delicacies Rimpsu with filling of your choice. Rimpsu is a Karelian pie made with a recipe of local grandmother. The picnic package also includes refreshing beverages and lentil chips. For the dessert, there is also a sweet Rimpsu. Rimpsu pies are made as organically as possible. Their excellent taste is quaranteed by pure Finnish flavours.

The picnic is served for minimum of two persons for 29,00€. The extra fee for additional persons is 14,00€ (up to six persons). Larger groups have negotiated prices. You can enjoy the picnic in a location of your choice or in Bar&Cafe Kuohu.

The Rimpsu picnic package is perfect in any occasion - celebration, surprise or just for fun!

About Reetta - the Doer

We want to offer an unique, authentic experience of a beautiful summer day in Imatra, with local delicacies and your loved ones.


Rimpsu picnic does not demand anything special from the customer. The picnic will be served for minimum of two people, so just take a friend and a happy open mind with you to enjoy the picnic.

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