Discover the beauty of finnish nature

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Imatra, Finland
Available in Finnish and English
3 hours
20 spots per experience
Regular price: 45 €
Children: 20 €

What are we going to do

We are going to discover the beauty and complexity of finnish nature from forest walks to sandy shores of Saimaa, from the amazing Vuoksi river and its rapids to stone art paintings or a funny walk in to a swamp (it's unique and fun especial for kids). I will let you know the interesting and funny facts about nature, geology and culture of the place.
Depending in the time of year we can taste and collect some of finnish wild herbs, mushrooms and berries. All the tours can be closed around the fire place with a cup of coffee made on open fire and grilling sausages. Let me know what kind of place you would like to visit and I will plan it for you.

About Larisa - the Doer

I'm a nature lover and I like to explore new places, but also the known ones surprise me all the time when I return. I like spending my time outdoor hiking, biking, picking up berries or mushrooms and sometime just exploring. In the last years I realize that I love the most to explore. It is the time when I don't have expectations or a timetable and each time I get surprised by the nature. For you I have a plan, a trail and a time table, but all are in my hands, so I wish that you can just enjoy the beauty of the surroundings. I have experience of guiding and organizing events in the nature for groups or individuals.


Walking/hiking shoes

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