Get inspired in Iittala - gel printing workshop

Get creative with gel printing and surprise yourself!

Available in Finnish, English and German
3 hours
8 spots per experience

What are we going to do

Get inspired in Iittala (Hämeenlinna) - create your own art at our workshop!

Basic workshop in the fascinating gel printing technique, using a gelatine-based gel plate, a brayer and acrylic paints, as well as different mark-making tools such as bubble wrap, plants, leaves, cardboard, toilet paper rolls, lace... only the phantasy as limit - knowing it has no limits at all! All prints will be hand-pulled on different papers.

The workshop is especially envigorating for anybody saying he/she has no artistic skills at all. Yes, you can! And you will leave th workshop with your first gel-printed artwork, surprising yourself and your friends!
This is also a great way to spend some relaxed and creative quality time with your colleagues or friends, or the whole family. The workshop suits anybody from young children to grandparents. You can also ask for a private workshop, for instance as a birthday present to someone.

Naivists in Iittala foundation offers us kindly the studio space, and has invested in our tools and materials. Material fee is included in the price, as well as coffee/tea to refresh yourself during the workshop. You can come empty-handed - maybe take an apron to protect your clothes.

The workshop includes basics of gel-printing, learning to know the tools and materials, and a brief view to the endless possibilities of gel printing I will show you from my portfolio. After that, we just start creating and having fun! Each print is unique, as we all are!
The max number of participants is at the moment 8, so we can keep safe distance. The workshop will be realized with min 4 participants. We ask not to come if you have any Covid-19 symptoms.

Further workshops for advanced will be arranged later, as this technique of creating unique art has a great potential to get addicted!

About Raxu - the Doer

I am a self-taught visual artist, specialized in watercolour painting (traditional, on synthetic paper, watercolour batik on rice paper) and have worked intensively with the wonderful and inspiring gel printing technique. I also do linocuts and soft pastel paintings. More on my website

Gel Printing is a relatively new technique, especially in Finland. I gave some mini-workshops for my friends at home studio and saw how much joy and energy it gave to all of us, and I felt I need to share this joy of creating further.


No previous knowledge in gel printing or any art making needed. Bring a curious mind and a playful approach.


Kiitos mukavasta sunnuntaista! Vieläkin ihmettelen ja ihailen aikaansaannoksiani :D Ja niin mukava porukka oli koolla. Opetus tietty huippua! Kiitos!
Raxu Raxu Kiitos sinulle Outi! Oli ilo seurata työskentelyäsi uuden gellilevyn kanssa - ja siitähän tulikin uusi ystäväsi :)! Kyllä oli hienoja monoprinttejä, seuraan kiinnostuneena mitä vielä näillä työkaluilla ja luovuudellasi saatkaan aikaan.
Toivottavasti nähdään vielä näissä merkeissä!


Raxu, oli kyllä hieno kurssi! Olet ihanan kannustava ja inspiroiva opettaja, tykkäsin kovasti.
Ja nuo tuotokset ovat hienoja, niin hienoja! Mies katseli tänään töitäni ja sanoi, että oletpas piirtänyt tarkasti🤣 En viitsinyt kertoa kaikkea, pitäköön kuvitelmansa - yli neljänkymmenen vuoden jälkeen🤗🤗
Raxu Raxu Kiitos Satu! Lupasinkin, että yllätät itsesi ja kaverisikin - ihanaa että näin omin silmin kuinka tämä tapahtui. Aivan uskomattoman nopeasti teit itsenäisesti ihan uniikkeja monoprinttejä. Toivottavasti tavataan vielä näissä merkeissä :)