Tour Helsinki with a city planner

Tour Helsinki with a city planner

Available in English
3 hours
6 spots per experience
Regular price: 45 €
Children: 45 €

What are we going to do

We will walk together in and around the city centre, discovering Helsinki's secrets, learning its history, culture and traditions. Why do Helsinki people have picnic on top of graves? What was the meeting point of the bohemian people of 1880s in Helsinki? How did they build a church inside a giant granite rock? Where did Lenin hide when he was running away from the Tsarist Russia? Why do the Finns swim in ice cold waters? Which statue is the one that seagulls hate the most? Where did they bury thousands of bodies during the plague? Why is the largest Orthodox cathedral located in a Lutheran country? Where can you eat the best salmon soup of your life? Why Finnish people still cheer for the opponents of the Swedish national football team? How did a Finnish architect influence generations of American architects and skyscraper designs? Why a short bridge in city centre is called “The Long Bridge”? We will find answers to all of these questions and more, while visiting each of these important locations in Helsinki

About Emek - the Doer

I am a city planner with a master's degree in Urban Policy Studies and a PhD student (Urban Studies/Social Policy) in University of Helsinki. I wanted to combine my love for Helsinki with my knowledge and research about the history, culture and planning of the city and share it with a wider audience so I became a professional tour guide! Please check out my website for various tour options


Please be prepared to walk 5-6 km.
Comfortable shoes for walking.
Extra layers for warmth, raincoat/umbrella for rainy days.
Positive attitude and smiles.