Browsing Second Hand & Vintage stores in Helsinki

Hunt Second Hand and Vintage Treasures in Helsinki

Available in Finnish, English and German
3 hours
4 spots per experience
June - September

What are we going to do

Second Hand is part of the Helsinki lifestyle. Whatever you love and are looking for, you might be lucky and find it in one of the many well-stocked, quirky, fascinating second-hand stores Helsinki offers. Or you find something else you never thought would exist, but now that you found it, you can't live without it anymore. Do you love Finnish design, vintage clothing, need a new T-Shirt, a gift to take home or a jewellery upgrade, or even furniture? I'll be happy to help you find the perfect mix of stores and take you through the city, so you can spend all of your time finding treasures and not wondering about where to go, opening times and tram tickets.

About Joseann - the Doer

I love second-hand, vintage and thrift shopping in Helsinki. There are so many shops, and it's like mushroom picking for me. Browsing for something is fun; finding it is fun, and finding something else is fun as well.


You can pay with cash, with a credit card or use mobile pay in most shops (this is Finland, after all). You may want to pack a bag of some kind (so we don't need a plastic bag for your treasures). If you don't have a public transport ticket, let me know in advance, and I will get one for you. You pay me back when we meet.