Private Yoga Session in Sauna

Relax in Finnish sauna with easy yoga!

Available in Finnish and English
1 hour
20 spots per experience

What are we going to do

Enjoy the health benefits of sauna! Doing yoga in a mild temperature is an an easy and peaceful way to relax. The yoga session lasts about 45 minutes and is done in a mild heated sauna (max. 50 degrees Celsius). You don´t need any experience in yoga, we keep it simple and relaxed. Put on a swimsuit or a light gym outfit, bring a water bottle and also a small towel into the sauna.

The final price is set up by the number of people, chosen date of the experience and the sauna and how many hours.

About Tanja - the Doer

Let me entertain you! Me and my company Hop´n Shake Tours is here to show you the local way of living. Walking Tours with a twist!


Light gym outfit or swimming suit, water bottle, towel.


Warm and relaxing experience! Tanja is a great instructor and has also knowledge on traditional Finnish sauna culture.