Helsinki History

Mental History Helsinki

Available in Finnish, English and Swedish
2 hours
20 spots per experience

What are we going to do

We shall be discussing the culture of the Mental illnesses in the course of history starting from the times when insanity was a punishment from God to the times of discovering the subconscious and advanced medical science and pharmacological revolution. Visiting the former Lapinlahti Mental Hospital and getting to know the multiple activities and artist and artesans working there. Discussing several well known patients sensitive form of art. Visiting on some of the graves of the former doctors and patiens and scientists at the Hietaniemi Cemetery.

About Ullis Rouhiainen - the Doer

I want to share the great things of the Finnish culture and history with my guests. In fact Finland is not for everybody - Finland is for those who are interested in learning and experiencing different things on their tour. They might be risking their current way of life in getting new impulses to change their life.. because I am also a sauna guide. I am a tourism professional and a culture historian and an author of non-fiction and fiction.


Please take warm shoes and coat and a scarf always makes a great difference!




Hienosti koottu katsaus mielenterveysongelmien hoidon karmeaankin historiaan, tarinat kumpusivat vankasta tietopohjasta ja asettuivat laajempiin yhteyksiin. Sää suosi ja leipämaistiaiset olivat herkulliset. Ullis on paras!
Ullis Rouhiainen Ullis Rouhiainen Kiitos Tuija!!