Themed Walking Tour: Beauty saves the world

Pick up litter together and decorate a personal minibin

Available in Finnish, English and Swedish
1 hour 30 minutes
10 spots per experience
July - December

What are we going to do

Make an environmental act during your visit in Finland - Pick up some litter during a themed social Litter Walk and make the world a bit better place to live. Together with the Litter Movement. We shall also give you a personal portable minibin, that you can decorate yourself. We will offer you handy and hygienic litter pickers for the walk.

Join us and make a difference! The less litter there is on the ground, the less people will litter. During the walk we will also show you some carbage bins that we have decorated with a nice painting or picture on them - and with the very important word "Kiitos!", which is the finnish word fo "Thank you".

Litter Movement was born in Finland year 2000, now it has members on all the continents. We want to see our beautiful globe and hometown respected, free from litter. We pick up daily at least one piece of litter and invite at least one new person to join us!

There are members on all continents around the world. The southernmost members live in Argentina and Australia, the northernmost members in Lapland. Even the president of Finland, Mr. Sauli Niinistö is a member as well as his predecessor Mrs. Tarja Halonen.

Art helps us in our task. We decorate beautiful recycled eco-minibins, which prevent e.g. the most common litter in the world: toxic cigarerette butts.

The founder of the Litter Movement, Tuula-Maria Ahonen will tell you about her experiences of almost twenty-year-life of the Litter Movement.

“Be the change that you wish to see in the world”, as Mahatma Gandhi said.

About Jari&Tuula-Maria - the Doer

Tuula-Maria Ahonen is the founder of the Litter Movement, that she founded with her two daughters 19 years ago. The Litter Movement has spread all over Finland and even to every continent of the world. Jari Peltoranta is Tuula-Maria´s husband and an active member of the Litter Movement. Jari takes responsibility of the practical arrangements of the walk.