Doro's zestful walking tours in Helsinki

Let's explore Helsinki, I will show you my favorite places

Available in French
2 hours 30 minutes
8 spots per experience

What are we going to do

Want to discover what makes Helsinki extraordinary? Want to know why Finland's capital can't be compared to any other capital in the world? Well then, it's time to take an adventurous stroll with me. You will get a good amount of fresh air and some serious exercise, not only for your legs (about 10 kilometers), but for your neurons too! You’ll get insights from Finland's fascinating history, happy society, difficult language and incredible architecture. The tour itinerary is flexible as I take into account the season, weather conditions and special happenings. And in case you have special wishes, I can customize the tour to your liking.

Our walking tour will not include the famous sites around the Cathedral because you can easily visit this part of the town on your own. Instead, we’ll focus on lesser-known and maybe more authentic corners of the city, so you'll get a deeper understanding of what makes Helsinki unique. And you may also get seriously interested in Helsinki, my new beloved home town where I have been living since I moved from France 25 years ago.

About Doro - the Doer

I moved from France to Helsinki 25 years ago. I used to be a translator from Finnish into French but never quite enjoyed it. One day I realised an incredible thing : Google Translate does the work much more efficiently than me. That was it. I had to do some changes in my life. Through my Airbnb activites, I realised I had some potential in tourism. Beginning 2022, I started a vocational course to become an official guide of Helsinki. I love walking in Helsinki while showing those places that make Finland's capital so special. Let me be your walking tour guide. At your service!


We are taking a 10km long walk at a rather brisk pace. Make sure you have checked the weather forecast and are equipped accordingly. Don't forget your bottle of water, a small snack might be a good idea too. We will sit down for a short break in the middle of the tour.