Learn to Brew Beer

Brew your own beer at an old mental institute

Available in Finnish and English
6 hours
10 spots per experience

What are we going to do

Have you ever brewed your own beer? You might have visited breweries and even tasted a few cold ones. But have you ever wondered why some beers are light and easy and some full and heavy? Why do some have 3 % and some over 10 % alcohol?

During this 6-hour course you will learn how to brew beer using the real ingredients: water, malt, hops and yeast. While brewing we can dive into brewing chemistry or focus on having fun chatting about beer and its remarkable place in our world. And what makes it so tasty!

About Juha - the Doer

I once started wondering how beer was made and tried home brewing. My friends sampled them and wanted to learn too. Soon I was giving courses and decided to leave the daily work of Sales/HR/IT and give myself to the world of beer.
Today I have fun co-running a small brewery and teaching beer brewing and tasting. Cheers!


There might be some dust from the grains and splashes while we handle liquids. Any regular clothes are fine, but I would not suggest the rare silk kimono for this event...


Kiitos Juha, oli aivan huippuhauskaa!
Juha Juha Hyvä porukka saa kurssin onnistumaan. Eli kiitos myös sinne!