Becoming acquainted to karaoke and Finnish culture PRIVAT

Into Finnish culture through for karaoke activity

Available in Finnish and English
4 hours
4 spots per experience

What are we going to do

I will be your guide in all evenining. It's good to start evening with converasiton of Finnish culture. As my education I'm Culture Producents: I have knowing about Finnish history and if I don't know something I will found out it to you. We can meet eac other fisrt some place where is good to sit and talk.

Best way to in our culture is go to do some activities. Karaoke is big part of our culture in Finland.
I have worked as karaoke host so I know good places to go sing. I'm open and social person so we will get to know other local people in the night as well. With me it's much more easyer get encourage to sing. As my job I help people to feel relaxed and I encourage people to win them own shyness.
But if you don't feel to sing by your self and you still want to take part of that one of the biggest part of Finnish culture, it's totally ok because as a professional karaokehost, I can sing to you. Everyhing is volunteering and you do what you feel to do.

Drinking is volunteering: you can choose to be with out alcohol or with it. Food and drinks is not included to price. Those you need to buy for your self.

About Emma Jäntti - the Doer

I have born to be who I am. I have started as performer when I was a kid. To me have always been really important to take people in to group. I have always taked care about people have nice and good feeling. So in short: it is mission of my life to give a happines to people life.


Open mind and good feeling. This price is to private activity where can took part max. 4 person. If you have a group minimum 5 person, choose other product which has cheaper price per person.