Private Excursion to Nuuksio National Park

Let's go to Nuuksio and grill some sausages!

Available in Finnish and English
5 hours
6 spots per experience
May - October

What are we going to do

This tour gives you an experience how it feels to hike in a Finnish forest. We will find plenty of nature sights, old trees, swamps, small ponds and have the opportunity to build an open fire beside a pond called Kämmenlampi. This tour is very easy to hike, and your guide will take care of the transportation from Helsinki to there and back. We will have a private 8-seat van driven by your guide, starting from your hotel or a customized point. You will have a personal wilderness guide with you all the time in the forest. This tour is available all-around the year; during winter time you can rent snowshoes with hiking poles from your guide.

This tour is fully customizable according to your requests; we can also visit the Northern Gate of Nuuksio and have a delicious dinner at a cozy Pohjoinen Pirtti Restaurant. There is also a Finnish Sauna Experience available; just ask for a quotation!

We start from Helsinki airport or hotel and drive some 1, 0 hours with a van to the northern side of the Nuuksio National Forest, place called Vaakkoi. We leave our car and start our 5 km hike in the forest, enjoying trees and swamps, heading against our mid-hike break beside the beautiful pond Kämmenlampi. There you will have the opportunity to build an open fire yourself with the help of your guide and fry some sausages. The ponds and lakes in the area are clean, so you can try a swim also! Our hike continues to pond called Vaakkoi and a hut owned by Helsinki Outdoor Association Latu. If we are lucky enough, there is a possibility to have a self-prepared Sauna Experience in an old sauna house and dip into the pond. Then it will be the time to return to our car and return back to Helsinki and your hotel.

About Timo - the Doer

I am a Nature and Wilderness guide, with a professional ability to work as a tourist guide in Helsinki. I am also able to take you to Suomenlinna as an authorized guide, although it is not allowed to ride bikes there. I have started as a tourist guide year 2013, and I have professional education for this kind of lifestyle and profession. I used to be 39 years as an computer engineer, but that was not nice... so now it is the time to enjoy life!


Tour is done in the National Forest of Nuuksio, so customers need good shoes (no high heels!!) Tour length in the forest is 5 kilometers of walk. Prepare for local weather in clothing, umbrellas not recommended, rubber boots highly recommended.