Private Excursion to Porvoo and Helsinki

Let's go to Porvoo and see the main attractions of Helsinki!

Available in Finnish and English
6 hours
6 spots per experience

What are we going to do

This private tour gives you the opportunity to see the most visited sights of Porvoo and Helsinki. You will have a private guide that is also your private driver. We start our 6-hour tour from Helsinki cruise ferry port or at your hotel and drive to the medieval town of Porvoo. There you will find old wooden houses and cobblestone streets that lead you to the old Cathedral. The streets of Porvoo have nice cafes and shops to visit.
Our tour also includes sightseeing in Helsinki. You will get to see the main attractions like Sibelius monument, Rock Church, Senate Square, and Open Market Square.
This tour is fully customizable according to the traveler's requests. Welcome to Helsinki and Porvoo!

Starting from Helsinki, we drive 1 hour to the medieval town of Porvoo. We leave our car beside the river of Porvoo, because the town officers have restricted the driving inside the city only for residents and services. Our first place to visit will be the medieval cathedral, hear the story of the fire accident and admire the old construction. After visiting the cathedral, we walk to the narrow streets to visit local café or shops. After visiting Porvoo, we return back to our car and drive to Helsinki. The drive takes approximately 50 minutes to Sibelius monument and center of Helsinki.
Beside the park, we will have a short 0, 5-hour break beside one of the loveliest small cafés' in Helsinki, called Regatta. You will just fall in love with the fresh coffee and buns…
From there we will drive to see the Rock Church, which is the architectural pearl of the city. From there we'll drive to the Senate and Market Squares and Esplanade Park.
The day tour ends by driving back to your ferry.

About Timo - the Doer

I am a Nature and Wilderness guide, with a professional ability to work as a tourist guide in Helsinki. I am also able to take you to Suomenlinna as an authorized guide, although it is not allowed to ride bikes there. I have started as a tourist guide year 2013, and I have professional education for this kind of lifestyle and profession. I used to be 39 years as an computer engineer, but that was not nice... so now it is the time to enjoy life!


This easy level tour does not have special requirements for the travellers. In Porvo the streets are paved with cobblestones, so please have good and comfy shoes with you.