Happiness workshop online

Find your inner passion with easy happiness exercises

Available in Finnish and English
30 minutes
10 spots per experience

What are we going to do

Are you struggling to stay positive during these unprecedented times? If so you have come to the right place. This half an hour workshop will give you an easy escape from everyday life struggles and you are guaranteed to finish with a genuine smile on your face.

What you'll get:
- live guided happiness exercises
- local hidden gem of Helsinki revealed
- big genuine smile on your face
- insider tips and tricks from a local of the happiest country in the world

I will help you find your inner happiness from the comfort of your own home. It will happen with the help of some simple yet efficient tasks. We will go through all the exercises together - so don't worry! There will be no homework (unless if you really want to).

To give you a proper insider view to the mindset of the happiest country in the world, I promise you, I will be hosting this workshop from one of my favorite local spots in Helsinki and it will be outdoors, regardless of the weather. Spoiler alert: Afterall, happiness is not dependent on external factors. ;)

About Kati P - the Doer

I have always been curious and passionate about traveling and exploring new places near and far. A few years ago I finally had the guts to quit my full-time office job to travel around the world. I set myself a goal not to return home before finding a new, more meaningful and fulfilling, career for myself. It took me 14 months of traveling, camping, selling children's books, flipping pancakes, and hosting jolly backpackers on a sailboat in Australia to figure out that I definitely want to work with people and create positive experiences.

My passion for tourism had reignited, but I knew I did not want to work within mass-tourism. I wanted to focus on smaller groups and more genuine experiences. So eventually I became an entrepreneur offering Tour Leader services for small groups who want to truly engage with local culture, people, and way of life.

Due to COVID-19 traditional traveling has come to a halt, but it does not mean that we should stop learning about different lifestyles and destinations. While I am now stuck in my beloved Helsinki I would be more than happy to share some of my happiness tips and tricks with you!


All you need is open mind and a pen and a piece of paper or access to your online notes. :)

Come as you are - leave happier than you were!




Ihanan virkistävä paussi työpäivään aurinkoisen Katin seurassa. Puolessa tunnissa ehti nähdä yllättävän paljon Helsinkiä ja saada mukavaa liikettä kroppaan. Parhaiten vietetty tauko vähään aikaan. :)
Very good experience. Kati is a skilled host and wonderful sparkly persona. She is a personal connection.


Olipa mukava aloitaa viikonloppu kehonpainotreenillä vähemmän tunnetuilla kulmilla Helsingissä. :) Rouheita graffiteja ja rentouttavia liikkeitä, tykkäsin! Blue tueth -kuulokkeet olisivat varmasti mahdollistaneet liikkeiden näyttämisen vielä paremmin, vaikka hyvin toimi näinkin.