Cycling on gravel roads and paths in and around Helsinki

A nice & smooth , but active cycling trip, a few hours outdo

Available in Finnish, English, Swedish and German
4 hours
6 spots per experience
June - September

What are we going to do

We will take You to the seaside of East-Helsinki to explore areas about which you coming outside of Helsinki could have no idea about. If You have been to Helsinki before, we need to know what have You liked and what not. In 3-4 hours we will get a great look at the seaside and forest paths and nature cycling safe paths and roads. Clothing and gear dependent on the weather , some gear we can arrange, but shorts , jackets , gloves etc. You should have on your own. We offer a gravel for You.
If You like, before we depart, we will be glad to finish the afternoon/evening with a good pint of a handcrafted beer in one of the locals or a nice terrace in case the weather allows. We may discuss during our cycle tour whatever You prefer. I have worked in many fields in my life and have a wide range of personal interests myself; sports, music, literature, entrepreneurship, renewable energy issues, climate change...No politics, sorry 😏. Or maybe if You just what are curious to know about the Finnish system, then yes. get in touch and let´s hang around a few hours on bikes and have a good time!

About Juha - the Doer

We are a bunch of friends offering experiences related to gravel biking as much as it is possible in the Helsinki surroundings. We are all enthusiastic bikers of various ages and will tailor the mutual time with You as You see it best. This has been a life long attitude have a good time outdoors and we want to share it with You.


Interest to an activity outdoors, willingness for an exercise & activity on a bike saddle and curiosity to see Helsinki outside of the crowded areas.