West-Africa meets Finland over a dinner!

Come and have West African dinner with Finnish twist

Available in Finnish, English and Spanish
2 hours
5 spots per experience

What are we going to do

Come and have dinner with me and my husband! We will have fusion cuisine mixed up with all the treats from Finland and West Africa. Quite unique combination, but somehow works like a charm! We will be cooking over bonfire in location chosen by our groups preference.

About Ida Packalén - the Doer

Why? Because we love food and company. And we are pretty nice people to hangout with. Let´s eat, let´s laugh. We will show how evening is spent local way! As well we can provide the the best tips and does in Capital area.


Take some time. This dinner will last as long as we´ll have food, drinks and stories to share!

Empty stomach

Please tell if you have allergies!
Please tell if there´s limitation by believes