Finland between a fork and a knife

Approaching Finnish culture and history through gastronomy

Available in Finnish, English and Spanish
1 hour 30 minutes
14 spots per experience
Regular price: 30 €
Children: 20 €

What are we going to do

What unites Tutankhamon, Napoleon and Finns?

Come along for an interesting journey through time, from clean water and earth to the very top.

Finnishness: a touch of past, a dose of the present and a pinch of the future. A journey from the purest nature straight to the table.

With this tour focusing on gastronomy, you get good picture of Helsinki as a food travel destination, the local food culture and the basic pillars of Finnishness.

You will learn which are the most important things for Finns, things that doesn´t change even if everything around changes.

We will get close to Finnish history through restaurant culture and some success stories from this beautiful country.

The guide has long history in restaurant industry and is a great food and wine lover, who wants to offer the same that she misses from her own travels.

Taste memories are essential in travel! They can become highlights of the trip when combined with inspiring stories and details.

After the tour you will have better knowledge about Finns, what we eat, drink and why we are as we are:)
You will also know where to spend your days in Helsinki, sights, restaurants, cafés and bars.

About Emilia - the Doer

Before becoming oficial travel guide I have worked years in restaurants as a waitress and as a sommelier. Im also a big time nature lover and traveler. It is always great to meet people from other cultures and share things!
For me, best way to approach culture is through food.
When understanding what locals eat, you can learn so many things about them and about their past.
In Finland you need to understand also the meaning of the nature, because its present everywhere, in architecture, in design, in way of thinking and of course in gastronomy.

Gastronomy and wine is my passion and my work as well. I cant wait to share my knowledge with YOU!


Easy 1,5 hour walk in the city. Dress according to the weather
(no high heels)