Cycling Helsinki's coastline, off the beaten path half-day trip

Cycle Helsinki's coastline + forest BBQ (half day trip)

Available in English
6 hours
6 spots per experience
Regular price: 125 €
Children: 80 €

What are we going to do

Why book this experience?
Tired of the classic city tours? Do you want to see a more open side of Helsinki outside the city centre and touristic attractions? Do you want to learn where and how fins live and what they do when free from work? Are you curious about the Finnish nature? Are you a hunter of the perfect picture? Would you be curious to see a few residential islands?

This cycling tour is about answering these questions and giving you a different view of Helsinki. Everyone can find what's going on in the centre, but only the ones who venture outside it knows what suburbs have to offer to their residents. Do you want to find out?

Where we will be and what we will do?
We will be out of the city centre following the coastline towards East. We start from the very centre of the city where we'll get accustomed to the bikes and put our helmets on. From here, on our way, we will see one of the old harbours, the city electricity power plant and one of the new Helsinki neighbourhood that is getting build near the centre. Further on the way, we will cross a few bridges entering the Helsinkinian island suburbs, cycling their streets and parks by the sea admiring the archipelago view. Our furthest point of this trip is an iconic forest park by the sea. Here we will take a break and turn on the fire to grill one or two sausages and drink a tea if it's cold outside.

What to expect?
Expect a 6 hours cycling adventure on which we are up to explore the coastline neighbourhoods of East Helsinki, small residential islands and parks. We will cover topics such as culture, nature, housing, economy, history, sauna, food, and whatever else comes. We will cycle roughly 40 km in total trying to keep a pace, not too fast but not too slow either. Small breaks will be a part of the journey and we will use them to take pictures, discuss what we see and to answer your questions.

What to know in advance?
- Be dressed according to the weather! Check here ->
- Bikes and sausages included in the price
- If you have food restrictions let me know in advance so I can prepare.
- If needed the route can be slightly adjusted to the situation and your preferences.
- When bad weather (heavy rain/storm) the first step is to reschedule the tour. If that does not work, you'll be refunded.
- The bicycles are clean and fully functioning and I will try to match them with your height for comfort.
- It is possible to get smaller bikes for children if they are able to keep up with the rest of the group. Alternatively, you can get a tagalong or trailer.

About Andrei - the Doer

Hi, I am Andrei. I came to Finland a few years ago and I fell in love with this place. I never left after. Although I am not a city person, I love the easily available vast nature and the endless possibilities I have to go out there and enjoy it, trecking, cycling, skying, picking berries, camping, fishing, you name it. Sauna culture is another big part of the connection between me and Finland. My education background is in natural sciences and I hope to become a master student at the University of Helsinki this year.

Living here in Finland is very different from any other place I've lived (the Netherlands, Italy, Romania, Indonesia), or I visited. Living in Helsinki I found that the suburb neighbourhoods are giving this feeling that you actually live in a small scattered town in the forest. The sea and lakes are always in the scenery and you can easily find a quiet place to enjoy some time alone or a beautiful view. What stroke me the most is the housing and the attention given to the quality of life in your home.

Last year I worked for a bike-rental company in Helsinki as a tour assistant and bike mechanic. Here I learned a lot about bikes, Helsinki, history, traditions.
But the most I got from this job is the freedom that cycling brings. On the bike, you are fast enough to cover a larger area and slow enough to notice details. Then, I often took weekends out of the city on the bike in the nature surrounding Helsinki. I always loved exploring forests and camping and combining it with cycling made it even more interesting since I could explore larger areas. In September, I set myself to follow one of my old dreams, to cycle over a longer distance. And so, I packed all I needed on the bike and I hit the road from Helsinki to Timisoara, Romania (about 2000 km). It was an amazing experience that I wish everyone would have the courage to do.

There is more to talk about but I hope you're convinced that my experience will get you that different view of Helsinki that you're looking for.


Be equipped according to the weather!
Get some water in a bottle.
Medium to good cycling skills is necessary!
Route difficulty level 5 (on a scale from 1 to 10)