Cottage weekend for you dreaming about a cottage

Spend some time at a garden, wood sauna, lake!

Available in Finnish and English
28 hours
10 spots per experience

What are we going to do

Do you wish to spend some time at a cottage - to enjoy garden, wood sauna, barbecue, swimming - but the cottage is missing? Come and spend a weekend in Veikkola, Kirkkonummi. The Flying Rice House is a house with all the cottage delicacies!

It is a perfect place for the cottage dreamers who want to get out of the city to relax. Here you can

- be doing nothing
- lay in a hammock and watch the sky
- have sauna in the wood heated sauna
- swim in the nearby lake
- meditate or yoga on the pier or in the garden
- chop wood for sauna
- craft
- do the lawn
- participate in ongoing house work and gardening.

A cottage weekend can be organized for a group of 4 to 10 people at a chosen weekend. We can create a schedule for you for the weekend.

The barbecue and sauna are heated together cottage style. Our host couple is at home welcoming you and also spending time with the group. The house is located in a small neighborhood, it is clean and renovated, albeit old, and you can expect all kinds of renovations to be done indoors and outdoors.

The price is 55 e/ person including
- Coffee and tea
- rice with food
- place to sleep
- standard kitchen utensils and dishes,
- sauna wood and sauna use,
- use of a gas grill.

As the cottage may have, our house also has different and unequal bed places. We´ll have a bed lottery, so you can get a double sofa bed, bunk bed or spare mattress for the night. If you haven’t slept outside before and you feel like trying, place your mattress outside or choose a hammock on the terrace. Please come with a cottage mindset as we are not able to arrange an own room and total privacy for the night. When booking, you can tell if you want to have sauna only for women or men, or if a mixed sauna is suitable.

Bring with you
- own side dishes for food
- breakfast, and snacks if needed
- own drinks
- a sheet, a pillowcase and a sleeping bag
- toiletries and towel, swimsuit if desired.

Book your cottage weekend now! We accommodate max. 10 people.

About Tanja - the Doer

Let me entertain you! Me and my company Hop´n Shake Tours is here to show you the local way of living. Walking Tours with a twist!


Please note that inside the house, on the terrace and in the sauna we cannot guarantee safety distances. You can only attend healthy. Please also follow the valid instructions for meeting risk groups after the event.




Tanja is a dedicated guide who offred an alternative tour from Helsinki i very much appriciated
Away from the usual suspects and thereforr6the more interesting. An intellegent open minded guide who knows here buisiness.
I'm glad to have this afternoon with here. She gave me a real inside in Helsinki.


Mielenkiintoinen hetki patsaiden parissa


Brilliant, surprising, fun, and surprisingly uplifting tour. Tanja has cleverly curated an experience which allows you to understand the history of the city from a unique perspective. 10/10 would recommend to anyone.
Warm and relaxing experience! Tanja is a great instructor and has also knowledge on traditional Finnish sauna culture.


Tanja was very nice and knowledgeable guide. While the tour was full of butts, it was also full of interesting historic facts and stories. This was definitely worth the time and the money..!