Extreme custom adventure to wilderness

Visit perch kingdom inside taiga lakes, sleep below sky etc.

Available in Finnish, English and Spanish
6 hours
6 spots per experience
April - September
Regular price: 90 €
Children: 45 €

What are we going to do

Pick up activities or things you dream to experience, like diving to the secret perch kingdom in Nuuksio, sleeping outdoors, surviving in nature, learning wisdom from nature, packrafting lakes, whitewaters or archipelago or what ever you name it.

My wilderness guide studies should be finisned next spring and I'm long term extreme survivalist and adventurist, not only experienced from high variety of Finnish nature but also having years of experience in adventuring in South American and African wild jungles. I also train whitewater "rafting" by swimming.

Shortly, I love extreme trips to wilderness and now I'm offering such trips on your terms.

Most people do not know the amazing things that can be done and what exists in Finnish nature and wilderness. I will help you to have get the best out of our amazing nature with so much secret place information, hundreds of amazing places what I have found during the decades of exploration.

We can alternatively start by few hours trip to Nuuksio or Porkkalaniemi archipelago, with activities like:

* Snorkeling inside the perch kingdom of Nuuksio or lake Iso-Melkutin (crystal clean water)
* Hiking in taiga in Nuuksio, Porkkalanniemi or any other national park close by.
* Learning survival Nuuksio
* Learning how can you become wise by studing the trillions of success stories in nature.
* Having a tent sauna in wilderness
* Having barbique in wilderness

The adventure trips cost 90€ per 6 hours trip (half day) or 180€ entire day and night per person, maximum of 4 (or 6 if you don't mind to travel backseats of 7 person sized Toyota Avensis).

As an experienced entrepreneur, I do know that very human not only have different tastes, schedules and physical conditions, but also weather impacts a lot on availability and coolness of different activities - all these things to be considered in order to make a stunning adventure.

You want to dive in clean sweet waters and know Taiga forest below the lake water surface, well, let's do that.

You want to have an epic sauna experience in wild nature next to the carnivore plants and wild animals, well, let's do that.

Or are you happy by simply getting outdoors camping and making some barbique, okey, no problems, let's do it.

Or are you curious to learn from Bronze aged viking ancestors and Finnish hunter gatherers, how did they defended against Novgorod's vikings or how the nature was everything to them, as described in Finnish's national epoch Kalevala. If that's the case, let's dive in the forest and learn from their relationships with the woods.

So, I have be 7 seat Toyata Avensis, I can pick you up about anywhere and I can take you everywhere you wish to go.

About Paulus - the Doer

I born up in Finnish forest spending major part of my free time there and may favorite activity was jumping from tree to tree and playing monkeys in wild nature. There is where my passion to nature was born and also desire to build own treehouse kindgom in jungle once I'm big.

Many adventures behind, here I'm, ready to help others to make their adventures of their lives to come true.

During my adventures I met an indigenous girl from Ecuadorian mountains, married her and now we have three little girls, living in Finland but striving to get back to the Ecuadorian jungles to live happily out there the rest of our lives. But before that, there are many adventures I have to take to enable my dream to come true.

The activities I like the most in forest and jungles are snorkeling and diving below sweet waters or white water swimming, having tent saunas in the wilderness, spending days and days in silence in the wilderness while becoming a part of the nature. Sometimes I like tree climbing or rock climbing and I used to go lot canoeing in my infancy and now I'm on my way back to modern packrafting, which is extremely nice equipment to make epic wilderness adventures by traveling trough lakes and rives in Lapland.

One of my specialties is to learn wisdom from nature. It is based on the fact that there are trillions of different plants and creatures in the wilderness, where each one of them posses their unique success story.

These success stories has so much to teach us, to mention the stories of the white-tailed eagles. Whenever you watch these creatures flying all over the Finnish archipelago Ahvenanmaa, you recognize that the eagles are actually having much more fun than you do. That these eagles are prospering while you are struggling. Then you make this question: "what wisdom the eagles possess more than you do to be able to prosper better than you prosper?".

If you observe the nature and just let your intuition to figure it out, you will find so many things you do wrong causing the struggles you have, to mention, not living the present moment, worrying things you cannot impact on, not being satisfied on what you have, striving for things that actually do not matter, not loving or taking care of oneself, not understanding the beauty of the nature, not being able to enjoy the moment, not observing the nature but having constant mess of thoughts in your head etc.

These are just the very basic things the nature has to teach you, but the very basics. As I mentioned, there are trillions of success stories in nature, every plant, every three, even every piece of moss, each on them comes with a story. These stories includes a decent amount of life lessons to be comprehended by someone who observes carefully enough.

And I don't say this only in a nature enthusiast role but as a business consultant and innovation professional. If we only understood to search wisdom from nature, the world would be completely different, including the way and the efficiency we do business.


- If you wish to visit perch kingdom or sauna, then swimming suits or something to wear.
- Over night adventure trips take preparation and equipment, but most of them can be provide by us.