Cooking traditional food

Introducing traditional recipes

Helsinki, Finland (Helsinki-Uusimaa)
Available in Finnish and English
1 hour 15 minutes
10 spots per experience
October - December

What are we going to do

We will prepare one or two traditional Finnish dishes, (based on the clients interest) I will show you the doses and the ingredients you need to prepare the dish and you will see some of the preparations or guiding, how the dishes are prepared to the finish point. We would then finish the session to taste our own dishes that we were able to prepare.

About teija - the Doer

I love food and I love seeing how people are happy after eating a good meal. I have always had a passion for authentic traditional dishes but I also like experimenting with new combinations.


For the ingredients for the recipe we would discuss that prior to class. You should prepare the ingredients ready after that.
An apron and towels, some pot holders. Large pot and two pans, a cutting board and a sharp knife, a spatula, two forks, two spoons and a few teaspoons. Mixing bowls. Spices.