Dye your textils and yarns naturally with plants and mushrooms

Learn to dye naturally - fun and easy!

Heinävesi, Finland
Available in Finnish, English and German
16 hours
10 spots per experience
June - September
Regular price: 83 €
Children: 65 €

What are we going to do

I will personally teach you according to your level how to dye with plants and mushrooms. The course lasts two days (Sat-Sun 9-17). You can bring your own materials, such as wool yarns, old cotton/line clothes as well as fabrics. Beginners as well as more experienced dyers are welcome to attend the course. Our northern nature offers a wonderful color spectrum for coloring. This is easy, fun and responsible. Dyeing with natural materials does not destroy our nature like chemicals do and this day creates you a new, very special relationship with nature. We have forgotten alot what nature has to offer us. In summer road shoulders blossom full of plants suitable for dyeing. Toxic mushrooms that are not suitable to be eaten, on the other hand, give the most amazing shades in the dyeing pot! The summer harvest can be dried and dyeing can be continued during the winter. It is easy to continue dyeing in your home kitchen, as long as the basics are learned together. A small information package will be sent to the course participants so that they can prepare for the course and get the best possible output from the course. You get unique yarns with you, for example for your new Islandic sweater or batik-dyed fabric summer dress. This summer day in nature you will always remeber!
The event is held outdoors on the lake shore, so safety distances are easy to maintain. When the bad weather surprises, we move to the hut / shed. The price includes vegetarian food and coffee / tea. It is about 400 m from the parking lot to the dyeing place. Please note that the terrain is challenging for the disabled. In addition, children are included at your own consideration. We are by the lake, cooking hot broths and working with fire.

Adult: € 83
Child (10-14): 65 €
Young people (15-18): 68 €

About Polar Witch - the Doer

I love natur and have always had very deep connection with it. Dyeing is so much fun and like playing in a grown up age. You must to get this much of fun to know!


Course participants must have their own insurance. In addition, drinking water to your need. In addition I should be notified of the special diet 2 days before the start of the course.

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