Nature adventure

Walk in nature and find hidden beauty

Hankasalmi, Finland
Available in Finnish
3 hours
40 spots per experience
Regular price: 39 €
Children: 19 €

What are we going to do

Experience nature by following the paw prints of a lynx. Leap in the forest with light feet like a large Finnish wild feline! Climb the cliff lightly in silent steps to look out and escape into the cave when you want to hide! Just like a lynx!

We walk the sparrow forest, climb the cliffs and the rocks and arrive at a mysterious shady place where the lynx has also thrived in the peaceful forest of large spruce trees!

The distance is approx. 2.5 km in total, we proceed calmly and the route is suitable for adults and children over 7 years old. Ask for more information if the children are going with, we can make the trip easier.

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