Lumo nature adventure to a deserted beach

Enjoy a different nature trip that is for the whole family

Hankasalmi, Finland
Available in Finnish
4 hours
30 spots per experience
Regular price: 39 €
Children: 19 €

What are we going to do

Excursion day to the wonderful deserted beach of Konnevesijärvi, experience the majesty of the cliffs and the beauty of the wonderful nature and the peace of nature! We hike the forest road, lichen rocks and forest for 1.7 km and arrive at the shore of the clear-water Konnevesijärvi, where there is a lot to explore and the opportunity to swim. Small snacks will be served by the organizer. A great place to enjoy a summer day! A sandy shallow beach shaped by nature!
It is also suitable for children who are used to walking on varied terrain. Challenging in parts - slow pace and persistence helps! We proceed calmly, helping the children. Children only accompanied by an adult. Swimming rings and other accessories can be brought with you.

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