Farm visit

Enjoy many farm animals and roast sausages by fire

Hankasalmi, Finland
Available in Finnish and English
1 hour 30 minutes
15 spots per experience
Group discounts available

What are we going to do

You will enjoy animals and beatiful surroundings of a little organic family sheepfarm that is situated by a small lake. We will take you to meet ducks, chicken, rabbits, cats, sheep, cows and horses together with our sheep dogs. You can cuddle with many of our friendly animals and learn about Finnish farmlife. We will talk about the process and show a variety products that can be made from wool. We can talk more by the fire while roasting and enjoying traditional Finnish sausages with home made mustard.

About Johanna - the Doer

This is a family farm in third generation. We like to farm in an organic and sustainable way. We also are inspired by Finnish traditions and love to live close to nature. We use farm products as much as possible. We want to invite others to enjoy these surroundings and our lovely animals.

Upcoming events

For private groups exclusively from 120€
Language: English

For private groups exclusively from 120€
Language: English


We will be mostly outside so it is important to have clothes according to the weather. It is good to have rubberboots or waterpfoof shoes if it is rainy weather and summertime because the fields tend to be muddy. Winter time you will need warm clothing!

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