Mixed Media Selfie workshop

Relax and make a self portrait using mixed media

Hämeenlinna, Finland
Available in Finnish and English
2.5 hours
15 spots per experience
June - March
30€ / person
15€ / children
25€ / students

What are we going to do

We take selfies all the time. Autobiographies are great to read. Self portraits by famous artists are intriguing. But what about you, how would you portray yourself? Come join us and relax with your friends and take part to our selfie work shop! Instead of a camera, we use a collage technique, thus you need no artistic knowledge or skill beforehand. Art materials and scrap booking accessories are included. Just bring yourself and an open mind!

About Naivistit Iittalassa - the Doer

Naivistit Iittalassa - Naive Art Foundation in Iittala has developed during over thirty years of a great interest and passion for naive art. In the summer we have a vast exhibition of novelties and in the winter season along with the naive art exhibitions we offer a variety of art courses, work shops and seminars and small concerts. The old wooden schoolhouse is the heart of our activities.

Upcoming events

15 spots available

15 spots available
Available in Finnish




Kiva oli tavata Minnaa ja tutustua näyttelyyn. Kiitos herkullisista korvapuusteista.


Oli kerrassaan rentouttava tuokio, monet kiitokset vetäjälle ja kanssaosallistujalle!
Todella hieno sessio. Rentouttavaa, mutta opin myös jotain uutta. Ilmapiiri oli mukavan vuorovaikutuksellinen. Toivottavasti pääsen jatkossakin osallistumaan johonkin vastaavaan.


Kiitos mahdollisuudesta katsoa näyttely ihan kaikessa rauhassa :)

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