Iittala Monday Jam

Music session with coffee/tea - The rehearsal of Iittala Jam

Hämeenlinna, Finland
Available in Finnish and English
1.5 hours
6 spots per experience
20€ / person
10€ / children
10€ / students

What are we going to do

The cozy atmospheric music rehearsal is open to visitors! Band named Iittala Jamit is meeting every Monday making music together. Sessions will be held at musician's private home in Taljala Village near by Iittala Village - only one hour's drive from Helsinki, Tampere and Turku.

Beautiful folk songs and other lovely music pieces will be heard in our music session. Have a cup of coffee while listening to the music. We like to experiment on a variety of different instruments along with our own usual ones. There are music learners and beginners practicing with us so we hope you are not afraid of some musical imperfections. Coffee and tea are included to the price. Come and enjoy!

About Iltamat Iittalassa - the Doer

My leading idea is to create products and services from the cultural basis. My company 'Iltamat Iittalassa' are organising the storytelling and themed concerts with quality and warmth. I am fascinated by good stories and interested in themed events as well as meeting people. The picturesque village setting of Häme countryside gives an inspiration to face the tradition and history as well as surrounding nature and cultural landscape. Hospitality, joy and responsibility are important stuff to me. I am very interested in cooperating with others and I appreciate all feedback from the customers and visitors.

Upcoming events

6 spots available
Available in Finnish


There are some music learners practicing with us. So we hope you are not afraid of some musical imperfections. The number of musicians and selection of instruments at each rehearsal may vary. Welcome to visit us!

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