Ice swimming with your local guide in beautiful Lake Ahvenisto

Ice swimming with your local guide in beautiful Lake Ahvenis

Hämeenlinna, Finland
Available in Finnish and English
1 hour
4 spots per experience
October - April

What are we going to do

Ice swimming is very relaxing and healthy way to take care of yourself. It stimulates your body and gives a lot of pleasure. This hobby improves your blood circulation and surviving in cold temperature. Ice swimming is a nature receipt for happiness!

Try this popular winter hobby now safe with your local ice swimmer.
Lake Ahvenisto is situated appr. 3 km from Hämeenlinna center and is easy to reach.
At the beginning we will walk short path in a forest to the swimming place. There is a warm dressing room (separate for women and men). Take swimsuit, towel, warm headcover (swimming shoes if you want) and brave mind.

About MyHappyHame by Karita - the Doer

Hi, I'm Karita!
I do love my homeregion "Häme" and I consider that it is the best and happiest place in the world! I always try to do things that makes me happy, and now I want to introduce them to you too - please join and enjoy!

MyHappyHame by Karita


Swimming suit, towel and a winter beanie (swimming shoes if you want)

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