Easy Hiking tour in Hämeenlinna

Easy hiking tour in a forest with a local guide

Hämeenlinna, Finland
Available in Finnish, English, Swedish and German
3 hours
4 spots per experience
Regular price: 35 €
Children: 15 €

What are we going to do

Only a short way from city center of Hämeenlinna (10 min by car) you will find a beautiful, relaxing hiking paths with a very beautiful lakeview.

First we are making a short walking tour in a forest and afterwards grill sausages in an open fire and have a coffee with. We will walk in easy paths, but it is better to have good shoes and clothes suitable for being outside

About PiaR - the Doer

I have worked in tourism over 20 years. Still I am very keen to meet new people and show them my lovely hometown Hämeenlinna. I want to give people a little bit more during their stay, than just the normal tourist-life.


Good shoes for walking and clothes suitable for being outside.

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