Coaching in the woods and lakes in Hämeenlinna

Being in the nature is good for your wellbeing

Available in Finnish and English
1 hour
1 spots per experience
April - October

What are we going to do

Supervision in the woods is a new way of reflecting work-related experiences, emotions and challenges and finding new perspectives to them. Lets go to the woods of Hämeenlinna. Even in the times of Covid-19 it's possible to have a proper social distance in the woods. This service is for individuals at this point. We will walk together in the nature and reflect together your work-related issues.

What is supervision? Supervision provides a contractual, supportive and developmental process to explore and learn in practicing, working and collaborating to professionals, practitioners, managers, teams and workplaces. Supervision facilitates reviewing work-related experiences, emotions and challenges and finding a new perspective to them. Supervision is offered to individuals, groups or organizational. Clearly defined objectives will help Supervision to succeed. Targets are revised during the process. Supervision is strictly confidential and supervisor is bound by confidentiality.

About Ulla - the Doer

I am a professional supervisor and a workplace mediator. Also I coach and train communication skills for individuals and teams. I love dialogs!


Proper shoes to walk in the forest trails