Chocolate tasting with Naive Art and Coffee

Enjoy your naive art experience with local artisan chocolate

Hämeenlinna, Finland
Available in Finnish and English
1 hour
5 spots per experience
November - March

What are we going to do

You can now book a tailored tour for you plus a maximum of 4 people to enjoy the happy and colourful naive art and enjoy a local chocolate tasting at the new Naive Art Winter exhibition of Iittala. The entrance fee is 20€/person, including a carefully picked selection of chocolate pralines by Kultasuklaa and a cup of coffee. There are five slots available for each hour and anyone can book them, either separately or the required number. Please note that there may be other visitors at the same time than your entourage, if you have booked less than 5 slots. Nevertheless, there is plenty of room at the premises of the Centre of Naive Art, ie. four vast exhibition halls in two levels, so we are able to work responsively and take care of hygiene and keep a safe distance. Please cooperate – we recommend the use of face mask. In case you feel any discomfort or illness, or someone in your family is suffering from any symptoms of flu, please stay home. Chocolate tasting tours are available six p.m. thu-fre.

About Naivistit Iittalassa - the Doer

Naivistit Iittalassa - Naive Art Foundation in Iittala has developed during over thirty years of a great interest and passion for naive art. In the summer we have a vast exhibition of novelties and in the winter season along with the naive art exhibitions we offer a variety of art courses, work shops and seminars and small concerts. The old wooden schoolhouse is the heart of our activities.




Thank you for lovely experience! We truly loved that peaceful moment with art, chocolate, coffee and friends. Often I wish i would be able to spend more time with beautiful art and this chocolate tasting was a very unique way to do that. It also encouraged our teenagers to discuss art with us. I hope this kind of event will be possible sometimes later too.


Naivistisen taiteen näyttely tuo aina hymyn huulille. Tällä kertaa ekstrana vielä suklaamaistelu kahvin ja teen kanssa, taiteen keskellä. Ihanaa piristystä! Ylelliseltä tuntui myös saada nauttia näyttelystä ihan omassa rauhassa.
Täysin henkilökohtainen näyttelyelämys herkkukahveineen. Suosittelen, vie hetkeksi pois arjen harmaudestakin😊


Olen pitkään halunnut käydä näyttelyssä ja kannatti mennä. Oli turvallista, koska koko näyttelytila vain seurueemme käytössä. Näyttely oli täynnä ihania teoksia, paljon katsottavaa. Kahvi oli hyvää, suklaasta puhumattakaan ja henkilökunta osaavaa ja ystävällistä!


Hieno ja henkilökohtainen kokemus.

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