Guided tour at Forssa Museum: The City of Colourful Cloth

Join us on a journey through the history of Forssa.

Forssa, Finland
Available in Finnish, English and Japanese
1 hour
25 spots per experience

What are we going to do

Guided museum tour

Price 15€/person
Minimum 4 people, maximum 25 people.
If you have a MUSEOKORTTI/MUSEUM CARD choose the discount price 10€ (children's ticket).

Our permanent exhibition The City of Colorful Cloth tells the birth story of our city. It tells about the time when the river through the city changed color to blue, green, or red, depending on the dyeing plant. It also tells about later days when the factory produced kilometers of colorful printed textiles, and when houses were made of concrete.

How did Forssa evolve to be what it is today? Who are the mysterious “cotton angels” and how did they come to work in the factory? Let us find out together!

You can find us at the Spinning Mill Area at the hearth of Forssa. Our address is Wahreninkatu 12.

About Forssan museo - the Doer

We are a small community of versatile museum professionals working together to create memorable experiences for our visitors. We come from different backgrounds including experience in the field of textiles and textile work, art history, cultural history, pedagogy, and archaeology. Everyone has their own way of storytelling but we all feel passionate about local history, culture, and the textile industry.

See you at the Forssa Museum!
Kati, Asta, Kristiina & Tuuli




Kiitos teille sinne Museolle! Olimme tyttären tyttären kanssa katsomassa paikkoja, joissa hänen 1800-luvun lopulla työnsä 12-vuotiaana aloittanut "mummonsa" oli työssä. Unohtumaton kokemus meille molemmille.
Lämpimästi kiittäen hienosti toteutetusta vierailusta. Sirpa Hämäläinen


Kiitos Asta, hieno perehdytys historiaan!

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