Good feel painting

Good feel painting

Forssa, Finland
Available in Finnish
2 hours
12 spots per experience

What are we going to do

Come join us for a good painting moment at Finlayson Forssa Kehräämö premises! We talk about the contents of the selected power phrases, paint the flow of thoughts on a board and enjoy a steaming cup of good company tea.

About Tarja - the Doer

I have always liked drawing and painting. Years ago I painted porcelain and over time I have moved to bigger brushes. On this day, I prefer to paint angel paintings. All kinds of feel-good stories are also close to my heart. I want to share good thoughts and at the same time offer the opportunity to try how it feels to throw yourself into the world of colors and let your thoughts flow through the brush into a painting.

You can familiarize yourself with my works on my website


You don't need previous painting experience, an open mind is enough. We use acrylic paints and all the tools needed for painting are at your disposal. You can take the board you made with you. You shouldn't wear the best outfit of all, because acrylic paint is difficult to clean if it gets on your clothes.

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