Guided walking tour: stories of working women

Walk along with local guide: Stories of working women

Forssa, Finland
Available in Finnish and English
1 hour 15 minutes
12 spots per experience
April - October

What are we going to do

Old industrial buildings of red brick from late 1840’s have witnessed many human destinies. Many women, “cotton angels” have worked hard in these buildings. We’ll make a walking tour around spinning mill area, factory housing, in parks and along riverside of Loimijoki river imagening the places by eyes of three women of different ages, sharing the joys and sorrows of their everyday life.
The story of Forssa began in 1847 when Axel Wahren started cotton spinning mill, then dyeing and weaving plants within only a few years. Around these factories grew a vivid community. What kind of of people lived and worked here? How were their dreams? Did their dreams come true? How did they spent their leisure time (if they had any) ? Had they opportunities for studying? Many questions will be answered on this walk.
Also nowadays these old red brick buildings, after many renovations, are part of everyday life of Forssa’s inhabitants.
Children under 15 years with an adult are welcome free of charge.
During the walk there’s possibility for a break in a café and buying bakery products (price not included, duration in such case abt. 1h45 min - 2 h)

About Liisa A. - the Doer

I’m authorized guide in Forssa region. I want to show you parks and red brick buildings of my home town, as well as many other interesting places. I’m proud of my home town. I'll tell you about local people and interesting events from the history of Forssa and Finland. My favorite places are the old textile mill areas with their beautiful details as well as river Loimijoki and surrounding parks. In summer I stay in my cottage and enjoy nature and garden. I also read a lot and I'm interested in history as well in modern society.


Proper shoes, clothing according to weather conditions. Length of this lap abt. 1-1,5 km.

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