Following the footsteps of an engraving master

Walk along with a local guide in Forssa of 1920's and 1930's

Forssa, Finland
Available in Finnish and English
1 hour 15 minutes
12 spots per experience
April - October

What are we going to do

First in Finland, it was in Forssa where printing fabric was started in 1861. In central Europe and especially in England, the operations of spinning and dyeing mills as well as weaving and textile printing were much more advanced, and Eupean trends were brought to Finland slowly but surely.

At the time, one of the experienced German craftsmen in engraving of copper rollers, Ernst Lehmann, was requested to work in the Forssa company. Although he spent only one winter here as the engraving master, his long-lasting influence was significant, since he trained some co-workers and assistants. In his legacy, the local engravers, or one should say etching artists, developed their skills. The Forssa company’s design atelier was established in 1951.

What did the master Lehmann see in Forssa, when he arrived here late in 1926? What kind of place did he come to; a small, modest manufacturing village or something else? And what remains of it today?
Now let's put on the master's round spectacles and take a walk through his view!

During the tour, the accredited guides will present old photos, provided by the Forssa Museum, to illustrate how the life and the community was in its origin as well as in Lehmann’s time.

Let us have fun together! The city walking tour is an easy and flat walk suitable for kids and elders alike (about 1.5 km). Bring your water bottle, if it is warm, and umbrellas if it is raining. Welcome!

About Liisa & co - the Doer

We are all members of the local guide association, Lounais-Hämeen oppaat ry. The local association is a member of the Federation of Finnish Tourist Guide Associations. As accredited guides, we are thrilled to present our city to you. The walking tours are designed by the Forssa Museum, and we are presenting their photo material during the tour.

Book your tour now! Since we are a pool of professionals, we most likely can accommodate ‘ad hoc’ situations. Please send us an inquiry, if the dates shown will not meet your schedule! Tours in English are available upon your request.


Shoes and clothing suitable for walking, according to weather conditions




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