Virtual tour visiting Florence

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Available in Finnish
1 hour 15 minutes
30 spots per experience

What are we going to do

Firenzen matkamme suuntaa renessanssin kehtoon, aistikaaseen ja kauneudenjanoiseen Toscanan pääkaupunkiin. Näemme keskustan ikonisen tuomiokirkon, kuulemme jännittäviä tarinoita Medici-perheestä, 1400- luvun poliittisisista juonitteluista, taiteen rahoituksesta ja humanismin synnystä. Näemme kultaseppien sillan ja Firenzen ihanaa katukuvaa, lopuksi poikkeamme Uffizin taidegalleriaan tutkimaan mestarien kuuluisimpia maalauksia.
Tervetuloa mukaan!

About Leena - the Doer

I come from Finland, but have lived in Italy for about 30 long and colorful years. I started as a skiing guide on the Dolomites, but soon my love for art and history made me rediscover myself as a tour-guide. I am now a licensed Rome tour guide, and specialized in art history. I adore my work and normally I pass my days with tours all around the Rome monuments. In this difficult moment of the pandemia I take tours on-line as we have so few tourists in Rome right now. But if you happen to be here you can also request a normal non virtual tour!


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Thanks a lot to Leena for the wonderful tour. It brought me nice memories from my previous visits to Roma. Molte grazie!
Leenan opastuksessa on huippua kulkea pitkin Roomaa. Hän opastaa inspiroivasti ja tuntee historian ja kertomukset erinomaisesti. 12 vuotias poikani kommentoi Forum romanumilla, että "tätä voisi kuunnella kasi viikkoa putkeen".
Etäkierros zoomilla kotisohvalta oli melkein kuin olisi paikanpäällä. Eikä jalat väsyneet yhtään.
I booked this tour out of curiosity, but at the end I was so impressed by this place and Leena was so friendly and passionate that I didn’t want the virtual tour to finish! It was a wonderful way to get away without really leaving.
I really enjoyed this virtual tour with Leena, it was funny and interesting at the same time! It felt like I was there in the heart of Rome :)
Also, Leena was a fantastic guide; she was really knowledgeable and enthusiastic! She explained all the wonders of Pantheon in such an interesting way. I definitely recommend it!
Leena is not only a wonderful guide, but also a charming personality with whom you are happy to spend moments admiring Roman treasures and learning new interesting stories that bind ancient history to this day. I felt like I had a quick moment on a sunny Roman street with lovely Leena. Thanks, I will definitely join you in your next tours!