Exhibition visit with artist

Guided visit in exhibition of surrealist Zamuel Hube

Available in Finnish and English
30 minutes
2 spots per experience
May - June

What are we going to do

You can now easily book a suitable time for yourself, subject to existing gathering restrictions, for a safe and personal exhibition visit with the artist for an interesting and relevant exhibition of high-quality contemporary art.

About Zamuel Hube - the Doer

I’m a Finnish contemporary artist, I do unique paintings.
When I’m planning my new paintings, my main idea is to create an alternative world. Not far away from here. Twisted world where everything is in balance, but in odd balance.
I use familiar elements on my paintings. When you come closer you’ll notice some small exceptional details. If the details work out well, you are usually getting some good impulses for your own imagination and something useful for your everyday life.


Please stay home if you feel ill. Follow the current regulations and please use the mask and take good care of hygienia.