Rowing boat trip to Ounasjärvi

Summer day in Ounasjärvi

Enontekiö, Finland
Available in Finnish and English
2 hours 30 minutes
5 spots per experience
June - August
Regular price: 45 €
Children: 22 €

What are we going to do

We set off on a traditional Finnish rowing boat for an excursion to Karjalansaari in Ounasjärvi. Remember when was the last time you rowed? The journey is not huge, so the trainee will also become a champion on this journey. The rowing boat can accommodate three people, one of whom is a rower.
By rowing we can enjoy the summer day of Fell-Lapland on the lake.
During the trip there is an opportunity to fish with a worm and go swimming. The water of Lake Ounasjärvi is really fresh, especially at the beginning of summer. You have a chance to fish at least perch.
On Karjalansaari, we will make fires at the campfire site, fry sausages, make pot coffee and enjoy a lunch basket.
Life jackets, worm hooks, worms and a snack basket we will take care of. You need to dress according to the weather.

About Mia - the Doer

I have own company Roimaelämys, I am nature and tourism industry professional with a strong knowledge and experience.
Me and my family are living part of the year in Lapland and part of year in South West corner of Finland.


Dress according to the weather. The summer in Lapland is pretty cool.

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