Rent sliding snowshoes & poles for a day

Rent sliding snowshoes & poles to explore beautiful Enonteki

Enontekiö, Finland
Available in Finnish and English
8 hours
5 spots per experience
November - April

What are we going to do

You will rent a pair of OAC Kar147 sliding snowshoes & poles to explore on your own time and by yourself beautiful and vast wilderness of Enontekiö.
Sliding snowshoes are a mixture of a snowshoe and ski. There`s immovable hair under the ski to help you nicely ascend hills but sliding down is also pleasant.
EA-bindings fits almost every winter boot. Just make sure that the boot is flexible in the front. Poles are telescopic and easy to adjust.
There are 5 pairs of sliding snowshoes & poles for rent.
You will pick up and return rental equipment in the village of Peltovuoma, in Enontekiö. Peltovuoma is situated close to beloved Pallas-Yllästunturin kansallispuisto National Park. Beautiful Hietajärvi lake in Ketomella is only 10km drive from here! Open fell area is reach within 10km skiing from Ketomella!
Come, rent and start experiencing the Fell Lapland!

About Satu - the Doer

Satu Angeli, the founder of Tunturikonttori and "naturevert", moved to Enontekiö from the Finnish Archipelago and has now made her permanent place here because of the love for unique nature and local former reindeer herder. Nature is in the midst of her daily life.
Beautiful and unique nature with its vast fell and wilderness sceneries, swamp areas and highest fells in Finland is dear and exploring nature is the best use of time.
I want to give an opportunity for our visitors to go and explore the nature by renting the equipment you need.


Make sure to wear proper winter clothing and winter boots. Check always the weather and wear layers, it is easy to adjust clothing weather it`s windy or sun shine. You will propably want to have a rugsack with trip snacks with you!

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