Enontekiö in my mind - but what to do there?

You`ll receive a personal suggestion for to dos in Enontekiö

Enontekiö, Finland
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What are we going to do

Have you thought about visiting Enontekiö - the home of vast wilderness areas, greatest fells of Finland, pure waters and the nest of calm and silence.
But you don`t know where to start, what to do and where to visit? Ask me - my pleasure is to find the best solution for you what to do and experience.

Beautiful and unique nature with its vast fell and wilderness sceneries, swamp areas and highest fells in Finland is dear and exploring nature is the best use of time.
I want to give an opportunity for our visitors to go and explore nature which is open for all.
Make an order and I will give you a suggestion of what to do and see here in Enontekiö.

About Satu - the Doer

Satu Angeli, the founder of Tunturikonttori (Fell Office), tourism professional and "naturevert", moved to Enontekiö from the Finnish Archipelago and has now made her permanent place here because of the love for unique nature and local former reindeer herder. Nature is in the midst of her daily life. Company name Fell Office describes the fact that my office is in the fell very often. My best companion Sohvi, the northernmost living Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier and the best office dog, wanders with me around the year.
My pleasure is to explore nature with muscle power. Along with that the vast fell scenery is a source of creativity, without even noticing that.
I am married to a local former reindeer herder and exploring nature is the natural way of daily life for both of us. Knowledge of the area is deep and enabling the possibility for experiences comes with a local touch.


Be prepared to tell about you, about your passions of free time, what are your expectations of your visit in Enontekiö and with whom you`re visiting or are you by your super self. I will give you a suggestion of what to do and see here in Enontekiö.

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