Day at a Startup

work at a startup for a day!

Available in Finnish and English
5 hours
2 spots per experience

What are we going to do

Give it a go, see how it feels!

We'll have you doing real stuff with us.

Depending on your skills or those you want to improve, we'll see what kinda things we'll be doing. Anyway, the day's always full of both surprising stuff and routines as well.

Our HQ office is at Werstas Electrocity Turku. Here you'll for sure meet many interesting characters from the startup scene. smiley.

Go home or back to the office with one more experience up your sleeve. If you're thinking about starting your own business, we're always open to have a talk about that too during the day.

And hey, you'll get one of our cool t-shirts.

You're warmly welcome!

PS. For businesses and groups we have been tailoring days, such as "crowdfunding workshop" or "startup life, business opportunities and challenges". Ask for offer!

About Tomi - the Doer

I'm the founder of Doerz, and I'll be the one instructing you.


active can-do attitude




it was great experinece, thanks! :)
Tomi Tomi Thanks Noora! With your energy nothing can stop you!
Fun idea!
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Tomi is grand slam startup dude with great positive spirit and Entrepreneurial grit!
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The day was fascinating and it was nice to see a glimpse of startup life. Tomi was helpful and he gave good instructions what to to do and still let me work very independently with my tasks. I had a chance to be creative and overall the day at the startup was an experience that I can recommend to all.
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