Brew your own Beer

Create the beer of your dreams in Copenhagen!

Available in English and Danish
4 hours
50 spots per experience

What are we going to do

We will take a short trip to Kastrup to the location of the brewery, where we will first be introduced to the facility and the practices. You and your group will be able to select the beer you want to work with from a wide selection, and with that we can move on to the brewing.

For the next few hours we will be guided through the brewing process by their helpful brewmasters, who will help you reach the brew of your dreams by following the appropriate recipe and choosing the right seasonings.

When the brew is done, we will taste, bottle and lable the end product, which can be shipped to your preferred address or you can take it with you as you go.

About Brew - the Doer

I am a Danish beer enthusiast, who does a bit of homebrewing and generally enjoys trying new beers and new combinations of ingredients. I would like to share my passion for hops with you and brew your favorite beer to enjoy!


18 years old.