Cook Iraqian Food

Turku, Finland with Doerz Refugees

What are we going to do?

I am Ahmad Almuradi and I am 32 years old. I come from a very old city in Iraq and the whole world. I have a bachelor’s degree in mathematics science but cooking is my favorite hobby.

I love cooking and I want to share with you our Iraqian cooking traditions and show you how we make food in the Middle East.

We have three options to choose from:

1. Baklawa. This is a type of dessert and it is sweet.

2. Some main course from Iraqian cuisine

3. Some salad. As a note, we eat different kind of salads in our country so this will be different from the traditional Finnish salads perhaps.

During this experience we can talk about Iraqian and Arabic cultures while preparing the food together. I have a lot of stories to share from Iraq and the Arabic world.

Please stop thinking and start doing with Ahmad! I look forward to meeting you and building a memorable experience together.

30€ person